Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saving -- and Bathing? --- Nolan Ryan: Banjo and Crider Send a Local Icon to the Showers!

Banjo Jones at The Brazosport News began reporting last April on the condition of the Nolan Ryan statue located on the grounds of Alvin City Hall ...

Well, just a couple of days ago Banjo reported once again on the condition of Nolan Ryan's hometown statue, and this time it was even worse!

But this last report got the attention of Alvin resident, writer, retired college prof and blogger Bill Crider.

As a result Nolan Ryan has been Bathed --- and Saved --- in his hometown of Alvin, Texas!

Durn, these boys are faster'n ten preachers with a bus loada' Baptists and a swimmin' pool!

No word yet as to whether Nolan Ryan plans to put statues of Banjo and Crider anywhere in town, or maybe on his nearby ranch.

But we think this at least rates a signed baseball cap!!!

Maybe even one for each of 'em!

Nolan, are you listening?


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