Thursday, December 22, 2005

Judge Solomon Jones Decrees End to Scientific Debate

On Wednesday a Solomon-like federal judge from the land of William Penn defined for our edification and instruction what "is" --- and what "is not" --- authentic science:

Judge John Jones, described over and over again by the Old Mass Media as a "church-going" attorney appointed to the court in 2002 by Bush, whipped off his judicial robes and donned the lab coat of a "scientist" as well as the collar of a "theologian" to inform us that "Intelligent Design" --- a very ancient and non-supernatural philosophical position as old as math and astronomy (the Logos of Heraclitus: ; ) --- relies on "supernatural" explanations for the existence of the universe.

His purpose?

To quote from his opinion, to relieve us all of "... the obvious waste of judicial and other resources which would be occasioned by a subsequent trial involving the precise question which is before us."

King Solomon Jones has spoken, and thus our national legal debate on the issue must now come to an end! :^D :^D :^D :^D

Apparently, our Scientific and Theological attorney-prodigy has never cracked a page of Alfred N. Whitehead. (

But it's doubtful our Jenius Judge Jones could follow the math, anyway.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina Volunteer Blog

As many will already be aware, we set up a blog to help distribute local volunteer and other information on the gigantic Texas Katrina relief effort, and so I have been busy with that and have not been posting here.

Here is the link to the HOUSTON-GALVESTON AREA EMERGENCY BLOGGERS NETWORK blog! Use it to find volunteer, donation and other info, especially for the Galveston County area:

There are some public affairs posts at the very top because we got involved in the effort to point out the failures on the local level in NOLA that helped cause the human tragedy there.

But the volunteer and other links begin directly below the NOLA postings, so just scroll down a little!

I'll be back to regular posting here at THEOLOGIA CIVILIS soon!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Evacuation Links, Houston Volunteer Info

Katrina Evac to Houston Links

As you probably know, the Katrina victims from New Orleans who have taken refuge in the Superdome are being moved to the Astrodome in Houston.

Here is the main link for the Harris County Citizen Corps, the main citizen emergency responder volunteer group.

Here are Houston blogs following the story, as well as a great post at the SciGuy blog giving info on how to volunteer to help, from a source at Houston ground central for the operation, the Reliant Center, where the Astrodome is located.

SciGuy blog:

How to Help the Refugees Coming to Houston

The above is a great source of info!

SciGuy main page extensive live-blogging on Katrina and aftermath

BlogHouston blog:

Open Thread for Katrina News and Info

BlogHouston main page

An Idea Before It's Time:

As many of you are now aware, Banjo Jones of the Brazosport News proposed the Astrodome idea this morning, just a few hours before the state of Texas and Houston and Harris county authorities decided to do it

Here's the now classsic link:

Open the Astrodome

The Brazosport News main page

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Protesting The Protesters: Announcing a Meeting of the East Texas Chapter of the Protest Warriors!

From ttyler5, pro-America "Protest Warriors" meeting announced

Blogs, Press: Please Post Meeting Info Below
Friends and Allies : Please Forward to your own email lists!

Hey Guys,
Here is an email from the East Texas Chapter of the Protest Warriors, a group that counter-demonstrates against people like Cindy Sheehan, the anti-American leftist "peace" protester who has been camped out at Bush's ranch in Crawford.

The Protest Warriors are having a meeting to get ready to counter-demonstrate against upcoming "peace" movement demonstrations, I am going, if you can make it I'll see you there!

Meeting Info:

September 4, 2005 2PM
South Houston Police Officer's Association Building
1001 Dallas Street
South Houston, Texas 77587

From I-45, take College to Dallas, ( just one block before you hit Hiway 3 at College)

Take a left at Dallas and go about three blocks, it looks to be on the corner of Dallas St at Georgia.

Here is a mapquest link:
1001 Dallas South Houston

Here is the email from the group:

Subject: HQ chapter broadcast: PROTEST WARRIOR MEETING:
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 11:14:13 -0500:

The Crawford event was a huge success. Thousands were there in: support of President Bush and bringing freedom to the Middle East.: The locals were quite sweet and supportive also. It was a success: beyond imagination. The topic at hand, however, is our own local chapter.:

As you may know, September is going to be a very busy month for the: local moonbats. Two events are in the works right now.

The first: is Cindy Sheehan's visit to Tom Delay which is supposedly her first: stop on a bus tour to Washington D.C. right after Bush leaves his: ranch on September 2nd.: The second is "Peace" Week which will kick off on September 17th: and end on the 24th.

I wanted to thank everyone for their generous: offers of meeting places. The winning location is the
South Houston Police Officers Association Building
1001 Dallas
South Houston, TX 77587:

The meeting take place on Septermber 4th and will start at 2:00 pm.: The building is near the Hobby Airport.

If you are planning to: attend!: please email me and let me know. If you are not planning to: attend, I must ask you not to email because my inbox gets crowded.:

The purpose of this meeting is to meet each other and discuss: upcoming events and tactics. If you have never been to a Protest: Warrior event, and would like to know what occurs locally, please: try to make this meeting. If you have been nervous about attending: different events, this may help alleviate any concerns. Anyway, we: expect to have a lot of fun and we will hopefully meet a lot of new: people.

: Julie:
East Texas Chapter Leader

Sunday, August 28, 2005

False Starts

While I’ve made several “false starts” here at blogging the last couple of weeks,  in fact  I have not been able to concentrate long enough to pursue the actual goal of this blog, which is very far from that of a news diary.

We’ll see if I get anywhere with my next post …

Friday, August 19, 2005

Supreme Court's 5-4 Kelo Decison Continues to Wreak Havoc

This just in from Tom Bazan… From The Mighty Wizard blog

August 18, 2005
Kelo vs. City of New London - The Horror Story continues...
I am linking to the story
here.Just when you thought things were really going down the tubes for property rights in Amerika, it now seems that not only can a City take your land and home away from you and hand it off to another private party, THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT WILL THEN TRY TO CHARGE YOU BACK RENT FOR FIGHTING THEM IN COURT!!!
Sometimes I come to think that it's time to go out and buy a gun - lock and load...
Posted by The Mighty Wizard at
11:30 PM Category America

... I will have much more to report about this as well as on developments in Surfside later today.

Slampo Hits Another Home Run

The hand-wringing liberals at the NYT and the Chron are no match for Slampo, who dissects the latest NYT/Chron offering on illegal immigration and “beer-swilling good old boys” by NYTwit David Brooks.

To put it mildly, Slampo is a superb writer and a first-rate thinker, and there are none among the NYTwit southpaws who can stand up to him at the plate.

(We shall, herein and henceforth on these pages from this day forward refer to many of the NYT/Chron Stable Boys as the “NYTwits” and other variations, as in, above, “NYTwit southpaws.” )

… But Bunts on a Pair of ScrewBalls ? :^D :^D :^D

In passing, though, I must note that in part II of the same post, heavy-hitter Slampo also objects to Chris Hitchens (the pro-War leftist who once said on national television in a debate with leftist students, with the sort of common-sense Churchillian candor that is usually in short supply at such forums, “ I think it is disingenuous to say that oil is not worth fighting for, in fact, if anything is worth fighting for it is the free flow of oil…”) taking Cindy Sheehan to task for the usual ‘anti-Joo, anti-Israel’ stuff that has been part and parcel of the American Left’s catechism since Uncle Joe Stalin decided he wanted a piece of the post-WWII Arab oil supply, too.

This ‘anti-Joo, antiIsrael” stuff from the left is surprising, is it not, since much of the American Left has always been composed of Jewish leftist intellectualloids,* but hey, when it comes to the US and Western Freedom or Comrade Marx and the Commie Utopia, an intellectualloid has got to make a choice, just like the Rosenbergs, when they gave Uncle Joe the plans for the atom bomb even though Uncle Joe had carried out bloody pograms of repression and murder against Jews in the Soviet Union.

Slampo says that Sheehan has a right to say her piece without having David DuKKKe “rubbed all over her” ( as many of you are aware by now, DuKKKe has been
publicly supporting her protest in part for it’s ‘anti-Joo, anti-Israel’ angle), and I have a feeling Slampo’s comments are also one part pure Gallantry on Slampo’s part, who writes of Hitchens:

“While she may not be entitled to the “ultimate” moral authority the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd would grant her, she’s probably deserving of a tad more than, say, Hitchens, the British ex-pat whose great sacrifices for the war he’s backed from the beginning include … well, let’s just say his profile as a well-compensated public intellectual has risen tremendously since the war began, and in the meantime, judging by what we saw on C-SPAN, he doesn’t appear to have missed too many meals.”

However, we also note that Sheehan’s immersion in the leftist catechism is now a matter of public record, and the record includes her remarks about ‘the Joos and Isreal,’ all of it standard Moonbat fare.

Whatever right she has to say her piece without having David DuKKKe rubbed all over her, and whatever sliver of “moral authority” some may grant to her ---

--- it’s also very likely that if Israel and it’s children were being rounded up and slaughtered by their Arab enemies, this is one mother who wouldn’t want the west to lift a finger to stop it, and would likely join her Moonbat friends in protesting “US Imperialism” and “Western Interference” when we did interfere.

Not that she hates the ‘Joos and Israel’ or wants them annihilated, as many of her comrades on the American left do.

But don’t you see, it’s just wrong for us to interfere?

* “Intellectualloids”, a term coined by American Spectator founder R. Emmett Tyrrel for the New Left “intellectuals,” or as in Tom Wolfe, the trendy set known for holding all the latest in anti-American, anti-Western, pro-totalitarian, pro-“diversity,” Politically Correct opinions.

Blogger for Word: Finally, a Use for Word

Thanks to Dwight Silverman at the chron TechBlog , I am now using the Blogger for Word device made available by Google at the home page.

This is already much better than 1) my original tack on posting, which was, of course, to attempt to use the little window from Hades under the posting tab at; and, 2) my second approach to posting (which I began to use after a number of lengthy postings-in-progress flowed down the Styx and straight into Tartarus under the aforementioned method), to wit, doing it in Word, then copying and pasting.

In fact, this is only the fourth practical use I’ve ever found for Word, whatsoever. The dam thing is so primitive and often requires so many operations to get a simple result, I have always used Adobe PageMaker --- which is absolutely the simplest, fastest and most versatile text-and-graphics layout program ever invented --- for layout and even for my correspondence. My total, practical everyday use of Word has until now been confined almost exclusively to employing the thing as a text relay station for copy-and-paste projects ( ie, as a fancy clipboard); as a format for saving text from the web; and, lastly, as a text composer for emails, short notes, articles, etc, a purpose for which I have been just as likely over the years to open Notebook or Wordpad, whichever is nearest on the desktop at the time.

Concerning PageMaker, it was in fact “the” program that brought me to computers. PageMaker 3, to be precise, running on an old 386 with something like 1MB of RAM –-- a state of the art PC at the time, of course, though I never figured out why my buddy who owned it, and whom I was assisting in publishing a small ( circulation 20,000) local newspaper known as The League City Light, had a PC rather than a MAC.

However, when I discovered that by using PageMaker 3.0 on a 386 computer equipped with a tiny bit extra of something very expensive called a RAM module, one person could write, construct, layout and pre-press an entire 16 page broadsheet in four days ( and then top that off by placing the whole thing on a set of disks and taking it to the local printer), I was duly impressed, and immediately began my career as a producer of tabloids and broadsheets via computer, using the MAC II’s and PageMaker 4 at the old Kinko’s location on NASA One until I bought my first computer --- an ACER 486-S25 with 2MB ram --- and a copy of Adobe PM5.

But getting back to my original topic: do yourself a big favor, if you are using Google’s and have Word 2000 or above, download the Blogger for Word from the home page, install it, and use it. It just takes a couple of seconds by broadband and a moment to install and it works just fine.

Tippathuh Hat and a "Thank You" to Dwight Silverman at his chron

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Today's Blog Notes: Banjo on BP, Notable Notes, Disputations

Sunday August 14
Responses from yesterday's email announcing this blog are already arriving, and I see many people are curious as to why I am blogging this one little page, rather than working on ( see link at right.)

OK, first of all, NO, I did not stop blogging just because the Pope died, it just looks that way because that's when I got pulled away from my favorite web project by family and business concerns! The lunatic who has been circulating the Pope rumour has just been pulling ya'lls leg!!! :^D :^D :^D :^D :^D

In truth, I had to pull away over some involved senior citizen surgery in our family and the ensuing recovery period, as well as over a major business project that will soon be debuting at coastal marina stores, famous sports equipment outlets and deep sea fishing equipment shops all over the country and probably in some foreign lands as well, and at the video store.

While I could have handled one or the other along with the huge amount of work that goes into, there was no way to juggle all three at the same time.

As many of you have noted, is not only brain food, it's also eye candy, and while brain food is easy, eye candy involves huge chunks of production time.

I'll be back to soon, as the DVD deep sea fishing film project is nearing its autopilot stage.

In the meantime, enjoy the picture of the late Pope and visit the Ballad of the Alamo entrance, the "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World" entrance, the famous Jeff Jarvis Quotation entrance, the American Blog page with the "Falluja, The Movie" tank battle film and music video made by our troops, and etc etc etc., and thanks for your questions about when will be back in production.

The answer is, very soon!

Saturday August 13
I have apparently picked up one those infamous "summer colds," but from which of my girlfriends, I have yet to discover. I am sure it will be the one with the sneezing and sniffling and runny nose.

Regardless, I don't feel too much like opining today, so I'll use this time to highlight a few notable posts here and there ---

Banjo on BP, Stephen F. Austin Statue
As usual, Banjo Jones at
The Brazosport News has something special on line.

Firstly, Banjo recently visited the construction site of the giant new Stephen F. Austin statue going up in Angleton, and has posted a great collection of photos:

Here are the links:
Work on the Stephen F. Austin statue, which will b...
It got a little muddy in July at the construction ...
The crane on the right is used to lift the pieces ...
The bottom portion of Austin's jacket was put in p...
These two sections of Austin's torso are supposed ...
Austin's powderhorn sustained a little damage, but...
This is what the insides of one of the pieces look...

And, on a more serious note, Banjo has a fresh report chronicling yet another release of dangerous pollutants at the BP Chocolate Bayou plant:
BP UPDATE: Pulmonary disease alert !

As many of you are aware, I am no tree hugger and I strongly oppose the so-called "environmentalist movement", which has devolved into nothing less than a scheme by some very highly-paid attorneys and leftist political organizations to shake down corporations and taxpayers, using environmental issues for cover and environmental law as a tool.

But BP has clearly walked off the reservation.

In the last few months we've seen 3 fires and/or explosions at BP plants, including one at the Texas City plant that killed 15 people ( link here to a superb special report
from the Galveston Daily News online, featuring articles, pics and the dramatic audio recording of a Texas City Fire Captain calling for all available LifeFlights in the Galveston and Houston areas to come to Texas City)) and Banjo has been reporting on the many releases of toxins from the Chocolate Bayou plant.

I plan to continue linking to Banjo's new BP updates from Brazoria county, and for my part I will begin reporting regularly on toxic releases from the BP Texas City refinery (which produces somewhere around %3 of the nation's gasoline supply) as soon as I've had a chance to view the emissions reports. As well, I will be following up eyewitness reports which have come my way concerning the possibility that illegal immigrants have been employed by BP contractors.

Notable Notes:
Ann Linehan at BlogHouston reports the tragic news that City of Houston tax thievings via city sales tax are up, so now Mayor Boss Hogg White will not only be able to continue with his idiotic programs, like the downtown Jaywalking roundup and Operation Clearasil ( SafeClear ), he may even be able to hire more police officers, if he really wants to, without trimming an once of fat out of the budget.

Rorschach at Red Ink: Texas talks about his experiences with Canada's Socialized "Medicine" scheme, and celebrates Boeing's great victory over Airbus in the battle for the Air Canada and Air France contracts.

Charles Kuffner ponders the meaning of minority majority at OfftheKuff, and I lend a politically-incorrect hand.

Laurence Simon at IFOC has a letter from Kofi to Yasser, with love.

Bill Crider renames his blog Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine .

As usual, I've been cavorting about in the blogosphere and taking part in multiple debates and disputations over our state and national theologia civilis --- which, I suppose, is better than cavorting about in all those good ol' Texas bars I have frequented over the years (but at the moment I can't think of one good reason why this should be so.)

Wherever you have been hanging out lately, though, these links will take you to some interesting comment threads, to which I have recently contributed my own two cents worth, at BlogHouston and OfftheKuff.

At BlogHouston we gave the Houston Chronicle editorial board some much-needed help with their not-too-solid grasp of the stem cell research issue, and gave Tom Delay some much-deserved praise for blasting Houston's defacto "sanctuary" policy for illegals:
Demystifying the embryonic stem-cell debate for the Chron
DeLay criticizes, White/Hurtt support for HPD sanctuary policy

And, at OfftheKuff , I took on a couple of liberal die-hards over Rick Casey's and the Houston Chronicle's credentials to lecture anyone about political ethics, or for that matter any other sort of ethics:
"Bribery by not giving money"
Casey Repsonds to Van Arsdale

That's it for now, back at it when I feel a little better!

Later gaters!