Friday, August 19, 2005

Blogger for Word: Finally, a Use for Word

Thanks to Dwight Silverman at the chron TechBlog , I am now using the Blogger for Word device made available by Google at the home page.

This is already much better than 1) my original tack on posting, which was, of course, to attempt to use the little window from Hades under the posting tab at; and, 2) my second approach to posting (which I began to use after a number of lengthy postings-in-progress flowed down the Styx and straight into Tartarus under the aforementioned method), to wit, doing it in Word, then copying and pasting.

In fact, this is only the fourth practical use I’ve ever found for Word, whatsoever. The dam thing is so primitive and often requires so many operations to get a simple result, I have always used Adobe PageMaker --- which is absolutely the simplest, fastest and most versatile text-and-graphics layout program ever invented --- for layout and even for my correspondence. My total, practical everyday use of Word has until now been confined almost exclusively to employing the thing as a text relay station for copy-and-paste projects ( ie, as a fancy clipboard); as a format for saving text from the web; and, lastly, as a text composer for emails, short notes, articles, etc, a purpose for which I have been just as likely over the years to open Notebook or Wordpad, whichever is nearest on the desktop at the time.

Concerning PageMaker, it was in fact “the” program that brought me to computers. PageMaker 3, to be precise, running on an old 386 with something like 1MB of RAM –-- a state of the art PC at the time, of course, though I never figured out why my buddy who owned it, and whom I was assisting in publishing a small ( circulation 20,000) local newspaper known as The League City Light, had a PC rather than a MAC.

However, when I discovered that by using PageMaker 3.0 on a 386 computer equipped with a tiny bit extra of something very expensive called a RAM module, one person could write, construct, layout and pre-press an entire 16 page broadsheet in four days ( and then top that off by placing the whole thing on a set of disks and taking it to the local printer), I was duly impressed, and immediately began my career as a producer of tabloids and broadsheets via computer, using the MAC II’s and PageMaker 4 at the old Kinko’s location on NASA One until I bought my first computer --- an ACER 486-S25 with 2MB ram --- and a copy of Adobe PM5.

But getting back to my original topic: do yourself a big favor, if you are using Google’s and have Word 2000 or above, download the Blogger for Word from the home page, install it, and use it. It just takes a couple of seconds by broadband and a moment to install and it works just fine.

Tippathuh Hat and a "Thank You" to Dwight Silverman at his chron


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