Thursday, December 22, 2005

Judge Solomon Jones Decrees End to Scientific Debate

On Wednesday a Solomon-like federal judge from the land of William Penn defined for our edification and instruction what "is" --- and what "is not" --- authentic science:

Judge John Jones, described over and over again by the Old Mass Media as a "church-going" attorney appointed to the court in 2002 by Bush, whipped off his judicial robes and donned the lab coat of a "scientist" as well as the collar of a "theologian" to inform us that "Intelligent Design" --- a very ancient and non-supernatural philosophical position as old as math and astronomy (the Logos of Heraclitus: ; ) --- relies on "supernatural" explanations for the existence of the universe.

His purpose?

To quote from his opinion, to relieve us all of "... the obvious waste of judicial and other resources which would be occasioned by a subsequent trial involving the precise question which is before us."

King Solomon Jones has spoken, and thus our national legal debate on the issue must now come to an end! :^D :^D :^D :^D

Apparently, our Scientific and Theological attorney-prodigy has never cracked a page of Alfred N. Whitehead. (

But it's doubtful our Jenius Judge Jones could follow the math, anyway.